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Measure What Matters: Key Parental Leave Indicators for Companies and Government

When companies like General Mills and Microsoft announce expanded parental leave policies, we get excited. But all of us can — and should — encourage these companies (and governments implementing the same types of policies) to take the necessary next step and measure policy effectiveness. Reporting on raw numbers can make for winning headlines, but putting policy into practice…

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Our Limitations and Critiques

We are excited about the mission of our organization: to build a community of working professionals who are fully engaged with their career and their family. However, we know that this idea has limitations, and is subject to important and meaningful critiques. We’ll be writing a series of posts acknowledging and discussing these issues. Today, we’re going to address…

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How to Update Your LinkedIn and Resume

Congratulations! You’ve made the amazing decision to take parental leave. Now, it’s time to celebrate that decision and share it with the world! Why? Two reasons. The first is to alert other men that it is possible. Most men have not really given parental leave serious consideration, because they don’t know anyone who has done it. By sharing your decision,…

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