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Have you taken leave? Share your story, join the conversation, and inspire other fathers.

If you've taken parental leave, you know firsthand the challenges and joys it brings.

Now, it's time to help us amplify the movement and reach other fathers. 


More than half the population hasn't heard about parental leave.

But research shows that parental leave has a powerful "snowball effect" on your community:

When a coworker takes parental leave, colleagues are 11% more likely take leave as well.

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If you take parental leave, your brother is 15% more likely to follow your example.

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Employees working for a manager who has taken parental leave are nearly 30% more likely to take leave.

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So What Can You Do?

Here are three options to help spread the word and break down workplace stigmas.

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Start A Conversation

Most men don't give parental leave serious consideration, because they don't know it exists or they don't know anyone who has done it. By talking about your decision with friends, family and colleagues, you'll give new and aspiring fathers an example to follow.

Helping another father build confidence is undoubtedly the most important contribution you can make.

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Update Your Resume

Few men actually advertise their decision to take parental leave, so the working world still thinks it's a bit strange. By adding parental leave to your online and print resume, you're telling employers, recruiters and your professional community that this is normal.

Show the skeptics that successful "career men" like you can take parental leave and still thrive, at home and at work.

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Amplify Our Voice

We're speaking up for fathers around the world,  but we need your help to build momentum and extend our reach.

Whatever your preferred platform, help us create a community where fathers can open up about their parental leave experiences, support each other, get questions answered, and share helpful content. 



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