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Parental Leave Is....

... taken by only a fraction of working men.

Across Europe, Canada and the US, less than 10% of eligible new fathers take parental leave. That's sad.

... not the same thing as paternity leave.

Parental leave is commonly defined as a period of longer-term leave that allows a parent to look after a young child after maternity and paternity leave has finished.

... a legal right in almost every country in Europe and North America.

And, parental leave is an employee benefit offered by an ever-growing number of companies.

... a financial investment in the health and well-being of your family. But, it won't cost as much as you think.

Parental leave is at least partially-paid in most cases, reducing the financial cost for you and your family.

... good for business. 

More than 70% of companies offering parental leave report an increase in productivity, as well as improved employee engagement, loyalty and retention.

... good for your partner's career and reduces the gender pay gap. 

Research from Sweden has shown that for every month of leave a father takes, the mother's earnings increase, by 7% a year.

... proven to improve the health and well-being of your child. 

Father involvement is linked to improved health outcomes for babies as well as a wide range of positive longer-term impacts including increased sociability, confidence, self-control, academic performance and psychological stability.



What Is The "Right Way" To Take Parental Leave?

There's pretty much no wrong way to take time with your new child. That said, we encourage every new father to take the Challenge of One, which we advocate as the minimum standard for parental leave.

Challenge of One

A) Take at least ONE month away from work (there is no maximum)!

B) Take your leave before your child is ONE year old, after both maternity and paternity leave are over.

C) While on leave, be the ONE to provide primary care to your child.

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