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Wondering why parental leave is so special? Hear amazing stories from fathers around the world.

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Check out our new blog series following fathers on parental leave. These brave dads have agreed to share their hopes, fears, successes and struggles with us. We hope their stories will convince you to take up the parental leave challenge too!

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Our Top 3 Reasons Why Dads Should Take Parental Leave


The unexpected moments of fatherhood are the most memorable.

There is no greater joy then watching your child explore the world. Parental leave is about being present for these small discoveries, and watching a smile and laughter light up your child's face.

Every father would be lucky to enjoy this incredibly enriching experience.


Understanding how to care for your child is a powerful self-confidence booster.

To be sure, your baby will throw new and unexpected challenges your way every day. Parental leave gives you the time to slowly trust yourself, and learn how to embrace your natural parenting instincts. 

Every father should have the chance to build self-confidence, and find a happy rhythm at home.


There is nothing like knowing that your child’s well-being is in your hands.

When you're on parental leave, it's your job to interpret and fulfill your baby's many unspoken needs: diapers and rashes, crying and frustration, hunger and thirst, tiredness, fears and pains.

This is the core of fatherhood.

And, it is a massive responsibility that every father should understand in full.

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