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Week One: Promoted to Papa-in-Chief

To smooth your transition from working man to papa-in-chief, prepare like you’re starting a new job. I’m four days into my parental leave now and slowly starting to get my feet under me. My suggestion to other dads preparing for the same transition? Do a little homework. Ask for a handover. And establish your baby baseline. Just like you…

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Practice What You Preach: Day One

Almost six months ago, I became a father for the second time. My son, Matteo, has brought newfound joy and light into our home, along with a healthy dose of parental humility. Intellectually, I knew that our second child would not be a replica of our firstborn. But it has been frustrating to see my best parenting tips and…

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Origins: Why We Created Take The Time

Take The Time was started out of frustration. I was sitting at my kitchen table one evening, updating my resume and LinkedIn profile before applying to a new job. I had a good education and strong work experience, but found myself struggling to erase a “gap” in my resume. After my wife’s maternity leave ended in June 2017, I…

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